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Is It Possible To Write My Dissertation In A Week? 

Writing a dissertation is a very serious and time consuming task. It may take several months to complete the paper. However, not all the students are that responsible; they keep procrastinating until the last minute. Is it possible to write a dissertation from scratch if the due date is in a week? Yes, you can. The week will be difficult, though. Prepare a plan for every day and keep to it. The following hints will prompt you on your further actions:

  • Define what should be done.
  • You should conduct a research, write and edit your paper, and finally have it printed and bound. Leave the two last days for printing and binding. Surely, these manipulations can be carried out in one day, but what if any kind of force majeure occurs? As a result, there are five days left for the tedious work.

  • Determine the amount of work to be done daily.
  • You may look through the sources and conduct your research in the first two days; the remaining three days may be used purely for writing, or research and write simultaneously. However, it may be problematic to properly calculate the work load for every day. Get up early and write your paper.

  • Ask your friends for help.
  • Ask your friends to help you with gathering materials for your research. If they agree, it will significantly accelerate the work process.

  • Drink coffee and have enough time to rest.
  • To keep your energy level up, drink coffee or some other types of caffeine-laced drinks. Sleep less, but enough. Take short breaks not to get crazy.

  • Promise yourself a reward.
  • In the hardest final days, console yourself with the promise that you’ll buy that particular thing you have always wanted to get, or do something you have been recently daydreaming about. This thought would be a good motivation and help you keep up your spirits. As soon as your hardship is over, keep your promise.

  • Cross the finish line.
  • If some difficulties occurred when writing your dissertation and you didn’t manage to complete it within five days, use the extra sixth day to accomplish the task and fix the problem. Get your paper printed and bound.

You can write your dissertation in a week. However, it is not the best idea. Believe it or not, but the quality of such a “high-speed” paper leaves much to be desired. Make use of your time and do everything possible not to put off this sort of work in the future.

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