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Crafting An MBA Dissertation Proposal – Tips And Tricks

This dissertation is required for you to graduate, and you often have to have the topic approved ahead of time. Before you start writing the actual thesis, you need to write a proposal for the project and give it to your professors. If you do not know where to start, here are a few pointers. Keep reading to find out the important sections of a proposal and tips for not getting stuck.

Create a clear proposal

Your proposal needs to be easy to understand for your teacher or it may be rejected. You don’t want to have to start over, so make sure your first attempt at this is concise. It’s not a good idea to add in extra things to make yourself look smarter. Simply get to your point and tell exactly how you plan to do the research for this topic.

Look into the research for your topic

Even a great idea for a paper might not be good for a thesis. If you aren’t able to properly research it and find academic sources, there isn’t any point to pitching that idea in a proposal. You need to make sure you are proposing something that can actually be completed.

Write the proposal correctly

Make sure you use the proper format, even though this is just a proposal. You need to show the teacher you can follow instructions and respect the structure of the project. Make sure you have a question and a hypothesis. You have to be able to explain how you are going to research this, and why it should be done. Discuss the outcomes that might happen and the reasons on how seriously you take this.

Be able to explain your choices

This proposal should be at least two pages, but no more than four. Explaining is important, but have a balance between long winded and not enough. You may need to rewrite some of the points that aren’t immediately clear. This proposal can be just as important as the dissertation itself because you cannot move onto the main project until it is approved. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to ace your proposal!

Need more help? Ask a friend to brainstorm with you, or read over what you have already written. If you do have someone willing to help, it’s very beneficial to have that other perspective on the topic.

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