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Writing A Dissertation For Dummies: How Compose A Solid Introduction

The introduction of your paper is an important chapter that must always be taken into consideration at all times. There is a very good reason why we normally stress on this point, considering that a lot of students hardly ever know what to do. It might seem like a really short chapter, but do not be fooled by the length. When it comes to writing a dissertation, it is the simple things that apparently give students a really hard time.

One of the main reasons why you need to emphasize on a strong introduction is because like first impression, you can only ever get to do it once. There are no second chances. With the rest of your paper, you can make a false statement and clarify it later on. However, when it comes to this important section you never get this chance. You can only make the mistake once and fail, or make a good chapter and pass.

Other than that, we must also mention the fact that this chapter gives the reader an insight into the work that you are about to do. This therefore means that whatever it is you will include in this section, it should be a mirror to what you will discuss as you advance into the other chapters of your work. Basically the introduction might be so short, but it is one of the most important parts of your work that you need to pay attention to, only coming second perhaps to the title. The following ideas will help you learn how to compose a strong one, and emphasize on what you need to do not to lose marks carelessly.

  • Write it after the paper is done
  • Have a thesis statement
  • Be congruent and articulate

Write it after the paper is done

It is important to try and write this section once you are through with the paper. This way you can easily summarize the main points in a very easy manner.

Have a thesis statement

Never deliver your paper to the teacher for marking without ensuring that your introduction has a thesis statement. The thesis statement will add more weight to the direction of your paper.

Be congruent and articulate

This is a really short chapter, so try not to confuse yourself with words that you cannot really explain. Keep your sentences short and precise.

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