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How To Choose Thesis Topics: A Few Ideas To Get Inspired

What is the main scope of the thesis research paper?

The main scope of the thesis research paper is for the student to pick a topic and state their position on it.

Another scope of a thesis paper is to prove or disprove a hypothesis question.

The main focus of the thesis research paper is the thesis statement.

The thesis statement states what the main topic of the research paper is.

A thesis research paper is written to highlight the results of a scientific experiment or social experiment.

How to write a good and effective thesis research paper?

Thesis research papers are normally written for the following courses or subjects:

  1. Science classes;
  2. Social Science classes;
  3. Humanities classes; and
  4. Computer science classes.

The main components of the thesis research paper are as follows:

  1. Introduction: Thesis statement, highlights significant points of the study, and main focus of the thesis.
  2. Abstract: Gives a brief description of the thesis and what tests and experiments were used.
  3. Methodology: Gives information on the tests and experiments used, and how the tests and experiments were conducted.
  4. Test Results: Gives the results of the tests and experiments conducted.
  5. Terminology: Gives the meaning of any terms or words that the reader may not understand or know.
  6. Conclusion: Gives a summary of the test results, reiterates the thesis statement, and gives a summary of why the writer’s viewpoint is the best one.
  7. Bibliography: Cites the primary sources used in the research paper.
  8. List of References: Cites the secondary sources in the paper.
  9. Appendix: Provides the materials and sources used that were written by the student and unpublished.

The thesis paper should be written in present tense.

The student must ensure that all sources and resources used are reliable, current, and credible.

Here are some good topics for a thesis research paper:

  • Is Ebola a man-made disease?
  • How to combat medical outbreaks like Ebola?
  • Without social media, would reality stars like Kim K. be famous?
  • What are some good remedies and methods that can be developed to fight childhood obesity?
  • What are McDonald’s burgers made out of and how do they cook their food?
  • How can gun violence among young people be eliminated?
  • How to decrease the use of cigarettes among young people?
  • How does social media define what true beauty is?
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