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The Top 10 Best Marketing Dissertation Ideas For Your Next Research

When you are nearing your graduation, you will be asked to embark on a long journey to submit a dissertation in your field of study. This is a large paper in which you analyze the information that you have learned and the information that you gained through research and assimilate it into a paper that adds to the overall knowledge in the field.

This paper will be the most difficult paper that you have written thus far mostly because it is not just a compilation of the information like in a research paper. You have to come up with a unique topic and conduct research on it. Coming up with the topic for your dissertation is usually a struggle in itself. Having to choose a topic that is unique can be hard. Here are the top ten best marketing dissertation ideas that you can write about. Choose one that is interesting to you and get started. A lot of time and effort have to be put into this paper so you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out what to write about.

  1. Is social media marketing important to large companies?
  2. Will having e-commerce capabilities on your website make a difference in sales?
  3. What is the effectiveness of including blogs on your website?
  4. Is direct marketing more effective now than in the past?
  5. How does Search Engine Optimization effect E-marketing?
  6. What strategies can companies take against consumer boycotting of their products?
  7. How has computers effected product branding?
  8. How does word of mouth marketing effect product sales?
  9. How has access to products all over the country effected local sales?
  10. Can companies gain an advantage over their market through customization?

Once you have your topic, the next step will be to start preparing your dissertation proposal. This is the paper that you will have to present to the board to get your topic approved. You can’t proceed any further in the process until your idea has been approved. So, start working on your proposal right away to make sure that you can prove to the board that you can write a dissertation on your topic. You will have to present supporting documentation that you will use to support your claims and use to conduct research to come up with results.

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