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How to Come up with Strong Psychology Dissertation Topics

Psychology studies behavior of people, how they interact with each other and different social groups. Students can choose many interesting topics for their dissertations within this field of study. Therefore, they often have troubles trying to come up with strong topics. The following characteristics describe a good research topic:

  1. It is original.
  2. Your outcome should be specific, therefore you should work on a certain problem and apply new methodology. However, you should put together different approaches applied to a problem, rather than come up with a completely new idea.

  3. It is set in the context of the current psychological research.
  4. It is not enough to find an interesting topic; you should put it in the context with existing research in the field. So, you will be able to learn the methodologies used by other researches, justify why this research matters, and ensure that nobody else has already conducted the same king of a study.

  5. You can carry it out competently.
  6. If you do not have enough skills to develop the topic, you should not choose it. Additionally, it is necessary to make sure that you have enough resources and time. For example, many psychological studies involve interviewing and surveying, therefore you should reserve some time to actually do it and then describe and analyze the results.

You can choose a dissertation topic making three simple steps. They are:

  1. Generate the ideas and pick the one you like the most.
  2. Test it for validity.
  3. Eliminate and refine it.

The first step is the hardest one to complete. One of the techniques that you can use in order to succeed is to use good sample psychology dissertation topics, some of which are listed below:

  • Family relationship and childhood development.
  • Communication and development of social skills.
  • How we deal with stress: the most effective approaches.
  • Gender roles: where they are assigned or taught.
  • Adult and children’s coping methods: similarities and differences.
  • Behavior control and emotional maturity.
  • Cognitive function: cultural influence and personal habits.
  • Social behavior: collectivism vs individualism.
  • How people learn: emotional and logical perception of new information.
  • How we remember things: impacts of our beliefs.

You can pick a topic from the list or use an online dissertation topics generator. Either way, you should write it is your own words and consult your supervisor to check whether the topic is appropriate. It also makes sense to ask your professor about the sources that you can use in order to write a solid paper.

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