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The Best Strategy For Creating An Undergraduate Dissertation Title

Are you struggling to come up with an attractive title for your upcoming undergraduate dissertation? You should keep a few considerations in mind so as to meet all the requirements. In this article, we brief you about the most important issues in this regard.

Create the title

Once you have decided the topic for your undergraduate dissertation, you should focus on getting the heading done. This is the most straightforward approach but you could also start working on the text first. Later, as you progress in the writing process, you may come up with the most suitable heading for your paper. Sometimes, starting by the content allows you to have a wider perspective about the whole project. You should try out the approach which best suits you in order to come up with a hooking and descriptive title.

Pick the keywords

Now, you should consider the most relevant words in the paper. You should use some of them – if not all – naturally when you write the heading down. However, it is always recommended to focus on this part of the dissertation in a deeper way so as to check if everything is as expected. What should the title look like? Concise. Accurate. The heading should describe the content and attract the readers at the same time.


You could use questions for a title but it is not recommended as a blind pick. In other words, if you go for this option, you should have some good reasons in order to get the most out of it. For instance, first-person rhetorical questions are not advisable, you should avoid those. However, you could try something like: β€œAre we concerned enough about dealing with global warming?” By using the first person in plural you include the reader in the interrogation.

The straightforward approach is to use questions in the title to hook the readers interest. It should be an interrogation which causes thoughts on the audience. What's more, you should proceed to answer the questions in your paper in an organized and structured fashion.

A word on capitalization

Avoid using all caps in your title, as it looks too simple. You should rather use capitalization in the keywords of your title. By doing so, you will enhance the focus of the readers on the most important ideas related to your undergraduate dissertation.

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