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Well-Written Doctoral Dissertation Examples - Where to Find Them Online

Even at the highest levels of education there is nothing wrong with rote learning. Of course you want to be able to think for yourself, to reason and argue the thesis statement in your dissertation but there is absolutely nothing wrong with studying the works of other students. In fact there is a lot that is right about that situation. Why is this so?

Well if somebody has written a successful dissertation, there is so much you as a budding dissertation writer can learn. Just take formatting as a perfect example. Of course the research, the content and the actual writing of your dissertation are all vitally important. But so too is its presentation. What is the layout of the dissertation you are studying? Have they followed the rules and requirements as far as the citation of references are concerned, the physical requirements of margin, typeface and page numbering? Do they have the title page and with all required information? So yes, finding dissertation examples and being able to study them and learn from them is a really sensible and worthwhile activity.

But where can you find these dissertation examples?

The two major sources are individual professors or lecturers and university or college libraries. Finding examples of dissertations is quite easy. The sensible search engine process will reveal any number of dissertations. But there are a number of things you need to consider first.

  • What type of dissertation are you about to write?
  • What topic or theme will you be writing about?
  • What research material would you be calling upon?

If you are writing a Masters dissertation then it makes sense that you look for equivalent documents. If you are writing a PhD dissertation then again you would look for relevant papers at that particular level. You would know that the size of the dissertation is often appropriate to the academic level and so therefore it will help if you compare like with like.

You don't have to find the dissertation which has the same or similar topic but it would make sense to do so. How have they approached the topic? How does the thesis statement compare with one you plan to use? How many main points are used to substantiate their thesis statement? What is the word count of this dissertation? You may find you will benefit more by looking at examples which are the same at least in theme or topic to your own.

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