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Defending Your Doctoral Dissertation - Rules to Follow

It's very important that you understand from the outset that writing a doctoral dissertation is an enormous task and one which will take a great deal of time but that part of the deal is that you are able to defend it. An essential component of your doctoral dissertation is that you have to explain your thesis statement and answer questions from academics. This is all part of you obtaining your PhD qualification.

So the sooner you understand the steps and techniques which will help you mount a proper and worthwhile defense the better. Here are some methods you can employ.

  • Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse.
  • Have a dummy run with friends in the audience.
  • Create your own set of questions and answers.
  • Be fit and healthy.
  • Set yourself specific goals and focus on them.

These above set of rules are in many ways just simple common sense. You wouldn't go in to a job interview without thinking about what you're going to say. You would rehearse possible situations. You would have a friend ask you a lot of questions that you are likely to get in the job interview and thus give yourself a chance to rehearse your responses. You do the same with the defence of your doctoral dissertation.

Ask family members or friends to be substitute members of the academic staff at your college or university. Give your colleagues a series of questions. Put yourself in as close to the real situation as possible. Get used to hearing the questions and more importantly get used to giving the answers.

By going over your finished dissertation, the one which has being proofread and edited, you create a series of questions all related to your dissertation. You can get a better idea of this by talking to someone who's already been through the process. What sort of questions were they asked? How did the questions relate to the written dissertation? The more preparation you can do the better your chances of defending your dissertation well.

If you are tired or sick or stressed you are far less likely to defend your doctoral dissertation. Look after your health. Be mentally and physically fit and well.

The approach you took to writing your dissertation should be the same approach you take to defending it; lots of preparation, lots of rehearsal and lots of concentration and focus on your goal.

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