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Useful Tips On How To Come Up With A Promising Phd Dissertation Topic

When the time finally comes for a student to begin their PhD dissertation, they can become overwhelmed by many things. The culmination of years of school work, essays, final drafts and homework are almost coming to an end. PhD dissertations range from anything and everything from American Literature to Zoology. A few useful tips on how to come up with a promising PhD dissertation topics are as follows:

  • Passion
  • Unknown Area
  • Recommendations
  • Life Experience
  • Bob The Builder


Many students go to a college or university in something they are passionate about and/or consider themselves good at. Some students really want to become lawyers, doctors or teachers while some just major in History because they were good at it in high school. Picking a PhD dissertation is typically the same case. Students should choose a topic they are passionate about so they do not become bored of writing and rewriting their work.

Unknown Area

For the students that just cannot seem to get enough academically, they can reach way outside of their comfort zone and pick a topic that has not been researched enough or that is outside of their usual educational studies. This allows for the student to challenge themselves into make a rough undertaking appear flawless.


Many student s will receive their ideas on their dissertation topics from their professors. If an instructor knows that they can rely on a student to write about a certain topic, they can and will occasionally nudge a student into realizing they might be very well qualified to research that topic. This could also help the student, professor, department, and school receive grant money if the dissertation is very well received.

Life Experience

When choosing a major, one almost always chooses a topic they find themselves good at. A dissertation topic can occur almost the same way if a student is stuck choosing a topic. If someone is a history major, they should look back as to why they became so interested in it in the first place. If their grandfather was a soldier during the Korean War, they can choose a topic on Pusan or Inchon. If their grandmother had to provide for the family during the Great Depression, they can research the 1920’s and Wall Street.

Bob The Builder

For the inspirational learner, a dissertation topic should come from something that is broken and capable of being fixed. Writing dissertations on government policy or stem cell research can help develop the field toward the future. The only way for the future to get brighter is by ensuring young minds are engaged and ready to develop the tools that can make for a better future around the world.

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