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A List Of Unexplored Marketing Dissertation Topics You Should Consider

Marketing might seem a busy field to make your dissertation in, but it is a rapidly changing field as well, so you can always find underexplored issues or cases to write about. Look at the most recent trends in the industry in order not to miss what can make a great topic, like the examples below.

  • Relationship marketing (RM).
  • More and more companies begin to understand that to get loyal and regular customers, they need to build relationships rather than just throw money into expensive advertising campaigns. Explore the use of RM for different businesses, the reasons behind success or failure of a particular company’s loyalty scheme, or compare customer loyalty in online and offline shops of the same chain.

  • Branding.
  • Branding is a broad topic field on which lots of relevant literature are written. Conduct a case study of a famous brand transferred between industries, explore the relationship between brand equity and perceived risk, or find out whether customers really understand a particular company’s brand values.

  • Direct marketing.
  • Promoting your goods and services directly to the end customer is often seen as a way to cut advertising costs and keep your market share in a contracting economy. If you choose this topic field for your dissertation, examine the relationship between message length and conversion, compare the effectiveness of group- and individual-targeting tools, or of the same tool in online and offline environments.

  • Online marketing.
  • In hope to expand their reach, more and more companies go online. The promising topics in this field include product customization, personalization, the consumer’s perception of control affecting the choice of brand, and site identity.

  • Mobile marketing.
  • As more customers use their mobile devices to access the Internet, this channel becomes increasingly important. Focus on the challenges of brand-building through mobile technologies, the influence of location on mobile marketing communication, or the rules of making a viral campaign for mobile environment.

  • Marketing ethics.
  • This topic field provides a virtually immense space for crafting new dissertations as new ethical challenges emerge with every step ahead the industry takes. Look at whether “happy hours” are ethical, whether the use of Fair Trade labels is misleading, or whether published codes of conduct can help attract customers.

  • BOP.
  • The bottom-of-the-pyramid (BOP) marketing is a new trend of targeting low-income consumers. Explore what makes this audience interesting to advertisers and what are the peculiarities of selling your goods or services to this group.

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