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The Best Dissertation Topics In Business: 20 Fresh Ideas

In the event that you are taking up a business course, you should be ready to work on a dissertation at any given time. The following are some of the finest topics that you can choose to write on in the event that you want to deliver a very good paper on business:

  1. Discuss how damaged reputation affects sales.
  2. Is drug testing before employment helpful in turning down turnover or does it violate your rights?
  3. Discuss the tiff between Apple and Samsung over patents.
  4. Explain how companies can shore up against a recession.
  5. Discuss some of the strategies used by multinationals to beat the competition.
  6. Is it possible to obtain a win-win investment in reality or is this but a theoretical concept?
  7. Discuss the benefits that small companies can get when they contribute to charity.
  8. Explain how tax deductions can help different companies to achieve their long-term ambitions.
  9. Is it possible to use the economics of feminism to beat inequity in the workplace?
  10. Argue in favor of the abolishment of minimum wages.
  11. Discuss how appropriate performance based remuneration can be in an industry of your choice.
  12. Explain why companies are so keen on invading the privacy of their employees through social media.
  13. Discuss some of the challenges that face the propagation of e-commerce into the future.
  14. Explain how phishing attacks eventually trickle down to affect the sales of ecommerce businesses.
  15. Discuss some of the disadvantages of relying so much on debt, especially through credit cards.
  16. Discuss how China is taking over in terms of global competition on the basis of price wars.
  17. Should China be considered an ally or an imminent threat to globalization in terms of business?
  18. Explain why multinationals are currently shifting their focus from India and the Asian continent for South Africa and Kenya in terms of outsourcing call center services.
  19. Discuss the extent to which companies are allowed to go with the use of personal information that they collect from their customers.
  20. There are lots of budding entrepreneurs who share their stories on how they quit school to follow their passion and they have since become success stories. Are these types of entrepreneurs a danger to the educational sector or should they be allowed to continue preaching their messages of hope to those who choose to quit school?
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