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The Top 10 Most Intriguing Law Dissertation Topics To Explore

A dissertation paper that is analyzing laws can be a real challenge for some people. Of course, the theory itself might be easy, but to find a real interesting topic that will not require days of research is not an easy job. Besides, you need to avoid the common topics that are already used by all your colleagues. You need to get the attention of your teachers with something intriguing and catchy so here are some ideas:

  1. Woman’s rights. Even if for us gender discrimination is something strange, a few hundred years back nobody could imagine that a woman would control her own property or have the freedom to choose a husband. Discuss about the social and legal norms of that time and how these changed.
  2. Death penalty. The debates on this topic are endless. While some states applied death sentence, others consider it as barbarian and refuse even to take it into consideration. Present your point of view.
  3. Jails for minors. The laws regarding the punishment for children under 21 are extremely different from country to country. In a big part of Europe they can be sentenced for jail starting with 16 years old, while in USA only if they are over 21, otherwise they will join special facilities for teenagers.
  4. Marital rape. This is clearly an uncommon topic. Did you know that in most of the countries a man can not be convicted for rape if the victim is his wife? Discuss about the ethical aspects of this law.
  5. Animal cruelty. More and more countries are adopting very severe laws for animal cruelty. Some people think that the punishment is too severe; what is your point of view?
  6. Religious law. In some parts of the world the judges still take religion into consideration. Many of the punishments are considered barbaric and not appropriate for the modern world.
  7. Privacy rights. Very often we hear in the media debates about the access of the government to private information. They have laws that allow them to supervise phones and computers. How moral do you think this is?
  8. The denial of Holocaust. Did you know that in Europe it’s a crime to deny the existence of Holocaust? Many people think that this is a clear violation of freedom of speech.
  9. Gun possession. USA is famous for the incredibly permissible laws regarding the possession of fire weapons. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these laws.
  10. Diplomatic immunity. Almost everywhere in the world diplomatic immunity is considered to be necessary to keep people safe. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of the immunity and the legal system fails to bring these people in front of the justice.
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