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25 Economics Undergraduate Dissertation Topics Worth A Discussion

Being an undergraduate can at times feel like both the best time of your life and the worst. You are in that wonderful transitional space where you are no longer a kid but are not quite a fully-fledged adult. So, having to come up with your economics dissertation topics can feel soul-destroying. However, in this article I will outline 25 suitable topics that are worthy of a discussion.

  1. Regional variations – How local populations and cultures can impact upon economic outlook for a region.
  2. Explore how certain businesses would flourish in rural areas but flounder in urban ones and vice-versa
  3. If Britain were to exit the EU in its upcoming referendum would there be a mass exodus from the City of London?
  4. Is there regional divergence in the U.S – If so, what can be done to address this?
  5. The role of immigrants from the Middle East in shaping the EU economy of the future.
  6. What more can be done to support clusters of local businesses.
  7. The High Street versus out of town shopping centres. What more can be done to attract more businesses back to the High Street?
  8. Would cutting VAT improve the economy?
  9. The Bank of England has kept interest rates at a record low for several years. Is this sustainable? Is the general public really prepared for the inevitable hikes and will this simply lead to more repossessions/foreclosures?
  10. Does the size of a company have any correlation with profits?
  11. Do CEO’s salaries reflect real life? Does the argument that if we don’t pay them someone else will really have merit? Or is that just the CEO’s sticking together to ensure that their pay levels don’t drop?
  12. The Impact of EU regional policy on British businesses
  13. How does political uncertainty in one country destabilise other economies?
  14. How stable is the Chinese economy? Is it really just held together with a sticking plaster?
  15. Will recent changes in legislation have a negative impact on the U.K. Buy to let market?
  16. What defines innovation?
  17. Is there a role for Business Dragons or Business Angels moving forwards?
  18. Bureaucracy and red tape, how can it be cut?
  19. US Monetary policy over the past quarter of a century
  20. The implications for Europe if Scotland ever leaves the UK
  21. The Greek economy. What hope is there really for it moving forward?
  22. Tax havens
  23. North sea
  24. Fracking
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