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How To Find Sample Dissertation Topics On Human Resource Management

There are many dissertation topics that cover employer to employee performance in an organization. These topics entail human resource duties. If you need help with finding sources of sample dissertation topics on human resource management, consider the following places.


Human resource management journals contain very good dissertation topics. These journals have a variety of writers who have the HR experience required in order to be able to carry out a dissertation project.

The Library

Most libraries are divided into different sections. The human resource department contains dissertation projects that come with topics. You only have to research the human resource dissertation topics available in the search options. The computers found there make the work a lot easier.


Books are reliable resources of finding thesis topics and projects. There are many topics covered in books and topics in human resource management are among them. Books give you original concepts of topics that could give your dissertation a professional quality.

Class Work

You could find quality dissertation topic samples from classroom work. These topics are specifically on human resource management. Students are given assignments to cover a given topic concerning human resource thus coming up with reliable thesis topics. The topics can be found on the class textbooks and notes too.

The Internet

There are many online sites that cover human resource management. These sites could either be academic or for a working organization. The internet offers various search engine options thus making it easy for you to search for the information you want.

The three major search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo provide different platforms to search for the best topics. The use of specific keywords to search for the topics that you want saves you a lot of time.

Ensure you take caution when you need to obtain any information from a personal website. The website may provide unreliable information and give you topics that are not used any more. The professionalism in the personal websites may be questionable as you do not know the person who wrote the information. This means that you would end up utilizing your time and resources in obtaining incorrect and misleading information.

Primary and Secondary Sources

These sources are reliable as the dissertation topics are obtained from the research studies and creativity. The sources also include an analysis of some historical research. This means that the topics used are trustworthy because they have been available for a long time.

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