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List Of Interesting Dissertation Titles In Human Geography

Geography is a subject that can largely be broken down into two main subsections. One of these is physical geography, whilst the other is human geography. Essentially, human geography covers a wide range of different topics concerned with how humans and geography interact.

For example, human geography may look at various settlements or regions where humans live, and what causes these areas to develop. Alternatively, you can look at various differences between demographics and other information relating to humans in different areas. In fact, there are many different topics that are related to human geography in some way, thus providing you with an excellent source of ideas when it comes to writing dissertation titles.

One thing to remember when producing a dissertation title based on the topic of human geography is to examine and analyse how easy it will be to write about that particular topic or title. For example, you may come up with a really interesting idea; however, if that idea involves carrying out a great deal of research in a foreign country that is expensive to get to, then it may be that the idea is inappropriate for financial reasons.

Of course, not every single idea requires you to carry out on-site research. In fact, thanks to the Internet, it is possible to carry out a wide range of research techniques online. For example, the Internet has made it very easy to carry out interviews, surveys and questionnaires that are aimed at people in a particular area, without necessarily having to be in that area to do the research.

To give you some idea of topics that you could use based on range of different ideas and requiring various research techniques, the following is a list of titles related to human geography.

  • An analysis of second languages spoken by people around the world, and what the lingua franca of the future might be
  • An analysis of changing religious demographics in Europe
  • An analysis of health epidemics and how different countries deal with them
  • An analysis of electoral voting patterns throughout Africa
  • Compare and contrast rural and urban settlement patterns
  • Discuss major urban areas throughout the world and the problems associated with high population densities
  • Analyse migration routes throughout Europe and discuss which countries are most
  • affected by illegal in as a result of these different routes
  • Compare and contrast different methods for measuring the standard of living in different countries
  • How has the rise of low-cost airlines changed the way in which people live and commute
  • Discuss the major geopolitical issues that affected the Middle East over the past half a century

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