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Academic Writing Help: A List of Successful MBA Thesis Topics

MBA programs have become more and more popular. Students from all over the world apply for these programs and try hard to complete them successfully. One of the most challenging parts of the study is to write a solid MBA thesis that demonstrates your ability to analyze a situation, solve practical cases, and write a strong conclusion. However, before you start writing your MBA thesis, you should choose a successful thesis topic. You can pick one of the topics assigned by your supervisor, but it is often more fun to come up with your own. If you do not have a topic, look through the following MBA thesis topics list and get inspired:

  1. Business management:
    • Management of innovations and organizational culture: problems and perspectives.
    • The role of leadership and organizational performance: good practices.
    • Environmental issues and the role of business: corporate social responsibility strategies.
  2. Finance:
    • How to attract investors for a certain project: investment strategies and possible solutions.
    • Micro crediting in developing countries: advantages and possible threats.
    • Asset allocation strategies: why do people hire brokers?
  3. Accounting:
    • Banking sector and economic growth: impacts and common issues.
    • The relationship between investors and top management: communicational issues.
    • Global stock exchange: integration strategies and typical barriers.
  4. Marketing and advertising:
    • How does advertising influence consumer behaviors in Europe?
    • Why has e-marketing become more effective compared to traditional marketing?
    • What are the specific characteristics of creative advertising?
  5. Business:
    • The history of business development in a certain country.
    • The industrial revolution in Western Europe and its role in business development in the region.
    • Typical personality traits important for being an entrepreneur.
  6. Economics:
    • The impacts of the economic crisis on the consumption level in developed countries.
    • Macroeconomics and its influence on exchange rates.
    • Sustainable economic growth: perspectives and implications.
  7. Management of technology:
    • The effectiveness of geographic information systems for job task management.
    • Great IT outsourcing places to work at: a case study of Eastern Asia.
    • The main principles of technology management.
  8. Management of human resources:
    • How to find and attract a highly qualified professional.
    • Methods and techniques to increase the commitments of employees.
    • Human resource management: why it is important, and what its role in a company‚Äôs development is.
  9. E-commerce:
    • Are e-commerce solutions cheaper compared to traditional ones?
    • The ways of effective data analysis while working with e-governance systems.
    • How to maintain consumer satisfaction levels by means of e-shopping solutions.
  10. MBA education:
    • The advantages of MBA education in American universities.
    • MBA education: one-year versus two-year programs.
    • Similarities and differences of MBA education in different countries.
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