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Choosing Interesting Junior Thesis Topics: Great Suggestions

The chief objective of studying and conducting the research is to gain knowledge and offer decent and succinct information to the reader while getting respectable grades being enrolled in the academic program. To serve the purpose well, good topics play a vital role. Libraries, educational resources and other online assistance are some of the references that you can use for writing good junior thesis topics.

Here is the list of some of the brilliant junior thesis topics that can be pretty helpful-

  • List some of the food items that speed-up learning process. How a healthier diet positively boosts the grade of students. What do you think- schools or parents, who are more responsible for cultivating good eating habits among the kids?
  • How workouts play a crucial role in benefitting the learning process of school students? How do obesity affects the overall intelligence, school performance and confidence of children? Do you think that sports persons score better than those who do not participate in physical activities? Why?
  • How traditional unions work in current scenario? What are some of the most common strategies employed by them?
  • How family conflicts arise? Carry an in-depth analysis on the topic.
  • How designing of the retail layouts impacts any business?
  • How technological innovations can be integrated in the school curriculum? How teachers and students are getting benefitted through these innovations? How teachers can teach better by such means? Is excessive exposure of computers, tablets and mobile phones at young stage is likely to encounter students with the issues of cyber bullying?
  • What are the different ways of learning that can be incorporated to teach varied types of students with different level of intelligence? How varied pace of learning affects negatively their friend’s mindset and promotes bullying?
  • Who should decide whether students should opt for Human Sexuality Course or not? Is teaching at the puberty stage is the right time to provide appropriate information about Pregnancy and STDs? Should parent’s advice be taken into consideration or this subject should be made compulsory?
  • Carry an in-depth research as in how E- Commerce affects profits.
  • What are the various beneficial and detrimental impacts of ethical training programs being carried out?
  • How attitude impacts the profits of any business?
  • Take a comparative look of the two companies in terms of financial status and the factors affecting it?
  • How foreign exchange dealers work? What are the various strategies employed by them?
  • How global economic crises have impacted the employees from time to time? How crises in current scenario are different from the past times?
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