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How To Write An Outstanding Dissertation: 10 Vital Tips

Writing a dissertation is a huge commitment. Once you have decided that you are going to write one to get a PhD in your chosen field, you must start as early as possible. You cannot afford to lose time. Set out a schedule after discussing every detail of the topic with your supervisor. Since, a dissertation is an analytical and research based project that may be attempting to answer a question, your work towards it is going to be very detailed.

The structure of a dissertation can be divided into the following:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgements
  • Table of contents Table of figures
  • Introduction
  • Main body/discussion
  • Conclusion/Results 

  • Bibliography
  • Appendices

Here are 10 vital tips to write an outstanding dissertation:

  1. Choose a good topic quickly: The topic you choose for your dissertation is the main determinant of the quality of your work. Go for something that gets your intellectual juices flowing. Discuss the topic with your supervisor. The topic is going to be further developed and refined along the way. The earlier you decide on your topic the sooner you can move on to the rest of the work.
  2. Make a reading list: You will be reading a whole lot about the topic of your choice. This is why you need to be interested in it. Prepare a reading list that is relevant yet covers the field widely. Your supervisor’s input is invaluable in this.
  3. Make extensive notes as you read: Mark, underline, and take notes as you go. These will be useful while you write your dissertation.
  4. Allow for delays: many foreseen and unforeseen circumstances are going to come in the way. Make sure you are not on a tight schedule.
  5. Thesis statement: although your thesis statement is likely to be revised, as many times as the topic, you need to develop one right away!
  6. Prepare your surveys, questionnaires etc. You might need to get some outside help to do this. Send out the surveys as soon as possible. Organizations and individuals all have despairingly slow response times.
  7. Complete each section carefully and take frequent breaks between writing these. Do not let yourself reach the burnout stage.
  8. Schedule and manage your time efficiently: Make a realistic weekly schedule that allows for other activities and commitments. Daily timetables are likely to fail and damage your motivation.
  9. Proofread each section that you write: Grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors can destroy an otherwise stellar impression.
  10. Do not hesitate to ask for or hire assistance: Online writing services can help and assist you through the dissertation writing process. Outsource the work when you feel overwhelmed!
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