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Finding A Proofread PhD Dissertation Abstract Example

It has taken years of study to get this far, and probably some blood, sweat and tears as well! But as you journey down the long and winding academic road that leads to your PhD, there will be times when you need a little help. Reading the work of others, and comparing good writing examples, with those that are not so great, can be a useful exercise.

This is true as you compose your dissertation abstract as well. Your abstract will be a critical component of your work. It will form a summary for everything that is encompassed in the research and writing that make up the body of your dissertation as a whole. You want to make sure you get it right!

We have some ideas as to where you can look for dissertation abstract examples, and some helpful pointers to keep in mind as you compose your abstract.

Online Resources

Visit the websites of research institutes and other universities that are conducting studies related to your area of expertise. Very often they will have examples of completed theses, and you can check out their best examples of dissertation abstracts. Be sure and visit the “links” page of sites as well. Often they can help point you in the direction of other resources that you may find useful.

On Campus Resources

Search for dissertation abstract examples at the library of your university. Ask your librarian for help in hunting down the best and most relevant examples that are closely linked to the topic of your work. Fellow students, instructors, and course advisers may also be able to help you find some great abstract samples.

Tips To Improve Your PhD Dissertation Abstract:

  • An abstract should be able to function as a stand-alone summary of your work as a whole. While it is positioned at the beginning of your thesis, it is often the last part that you will write. Only after you have conducted your research, and carefully considered what was revealed will you be in a position to provide an accurate summation of your work.
  • Your PhD dissertation abstract should around 350 words. For a Master's thesis, 150 words is a recommended length.
  • The structure of your thesis as a whole should be reflected in the structure of your dissertation abstract. So a minimum of one sentence should be included to summarize each of the chapters in your finished work. Think of your abstract as a highly condensed version of all the ideas, study, and revelations made in your thesis. The last few lines of an effective abstract are often devoted to presenting and interpreting the results of you research. Good luck!
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