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An Effective Manual On Where To Look For Free Proofread Dissertation Papers

Before starting your dissertation, it is a good idea to read several papers written on similar topics. Use the recommendations below to obtain accurate and relevant examples.

  • Start with your university database.
  • A collection of academic articles submitted at your university is probably available for free to current students, in both print and electronic format. Check your educational institution’s website for detailed instructions on how to access it. Dissertations are added to these databases after students have successfully defended them, so you can be certain the authors or hired editors have carefully proofread all the samples.

  • Look for lists of free databases on reliable websites.
  • If you have never looked for dissertation examples before, you might be surprised at how many free and reliable thesis databases exist all around the world. Type a search query such as “free dissertation database” to discover not only individual websites, but whole lists created by external bodies to assist graduate students in their search. You can find the most reliable thesis database lists on the websites of universities or governmental bodies. Read brief descriptions to choose which databases to visit first.

  • Select the database that best fits your purpose.
  • A number of dissertation websites contain only papers submitted in a particular location such as Ohio State or Canada. Others may offer theses in a particular discipline. If you are looking for medical dissertations, for example, the best route to take is to use specialized databases. If you can’t see any websites dedicated to papers in your major, look for those that have the greatest overall number of papers – the broader the choice is, the easier to discover relevant examples.

  • Double-check terms and conditions of use.
  • There is no standard definition of which databases an individual can consider to be “free”. Some resources allow you to view only a limited number of pages for free; others allow to read full texts online but charge money for PDF downloads. Read each website’s terms carefully and set expectations accordingly.

  • Search for a particular title across multiple databases.
  • When you discover an example that seems the most relevant but that does not appear to be available for free, try looking it up in other databases. You can find many dissertations on more than one resource. If there is no free full text of this paper on other websites either, look for those with similar topics. The greatest benefit to using large free databases is that you can discover equivalents for almost any imaginable work.

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