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15 Promising Ideas For Your Forensic Psychology Dissertation

Forensic psychology is defined as clinical psychology applied to the fields of law and justice. This may mean the psychological assessment of personnel involved within or with the legal system. It may also mean the application of research in the field of psychology, as applied to the legal system.

As you may be involved with your dissertation for a long period of time, it is very important to choose your research area carefully. Select an area in which you are sure you can produce viable research. Reading up on previous work in the area or on your particular topic will not only help you gauge your appetite for research on the topic but also give you a fair idea of the direction you should go in. This process will also help you with the literature review section of your dissertation.

Here is a list of promising ideas for your dissertation in the field of forensic psychology:

  1. Law Enforcement and suicide: what role does race play in the incidence of suicide in Law Enforcement?
  2. Law Enforcement and Alcoholism: What role does gender play in the incidence of Alcoholism in Law Enforcement?
  3. Law Enforcement and Divorce: What role do years of experience play in the rate of divorce within law enforcement?
  4. Hate crimes: What role do the races of the victim and the offender play in the investigation of such cases?
  5. Random Acts of Violence: Explore what role poverty plays in the incidence of random acts of violence.
  6. Acts of Violence: Explore what role easy access to violent video games and movies plays in acts of violence.
  7. Acts of Violence: What role does the glorification of violence in black music play?
  8. Drug use: What role does the glorification of drug use on TV and in movies, including comedies, play in incidence of higher drug use among the younger generations?
  9. Terrorism: what role does the failure of immigrants to integrate in their new country’s society play in the threat of homegrown terrorism?
  10. Community Service as a deterrent: Is serving a community service sentence enough to rehabilitate an offender?
  11. Rehabilitation: What effect do overcrowded prisons have on the prospects of rehabilitating hardened criminals?
  12. Rehabilitation: Are first time offenders likelier to reoffend if they are sent to prison or if they are given a softer punishment such as community service?
  13. Risk Takers: what prompts wealthy and elite financial services workers to commit fraud?
  14. Risk Takers: What prompts wealthy sportsmen to fix games?
  15. Risk Takers: What prompts some doctors to commit murder?
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