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The Top 25 Relevant Dissertation Topics On Visual Art

Visual arts include paintings, sculptures, photography, film making, print making, ceramics, designs and architecture. When it comes to writing about these arts, the span is huge and there are a number of issues that you can choose as your topic for dissertation. Underneath is a list of 25 dissertation topics by ThesisRush thesis service that are popular among people when assigned to write a dissertation on visual arts.

Visual art - top 25 Dissertation topics

  1. The artistic advantages of black and white over color photography.
  2. Can art be limited within a few statements of definitions?
  3. The evolution of film making as a visual art form.
  4. The self portraits o Vincent Van Gogh.
  5. Compare and contrast between photographic and painted portraits.
  6. The dominance and mystery of Egyptian art and culture which have influenced visual arts in other countries to great extent.
  7. A detailed and analytical comparison between Michelangelo’s and Donatello’s sculptures of David.
  8. Monalisa- Da Vinci’s masterpiece that has been evoking debates for centuries.
  9. Visual arts of the post colonial world.
  10. Mordernism as seen from the perspective of an 21st century painter.
  11. Compare and contrast the painting techniques and subject of renaissance with that of the colonial period.
  12. Jewelry technology- does it qualify to be included in visual arts?
  13. The subject of freedom of expression from the perspective of a film maker.
  14. Censorship on the various visual arts and why art holds such a strong influence.
  15. The evolution of cubism and Picasso.
  16. Indian art and its difference from the western techniques.
  17. The evolution of technology in the field of visual art.
  18. The rise of Christianity and its influence on the visual arts in terms of paintings, sculptures, ceramics and films.
  19. Creative limbo- the artist’s worst fear.
  20. A critical study of films in the 19th and 20th century whose major theme is fantasy.
  21. Landscape and its popularity in photography and painting.
  22. Theatrical representation of Macbeth over the ages.
  23. The tendency to copy works of famous artists and how it is particularly harmful to one’s own creativity.
  24. Water by Arcimboldo- a critical study from the view of its environmental significance.
  25. Nudity as visual art.

The above given topics are a few of the thousand topics that you can come up with. Bear in mind that the more unusual topic you pursue, the more likely you are to stand out in the crowd.

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