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Ideas For Academic Writing: The Most Inspiring Dissertation Topics On Freedom

When a student comes to writing a dissertation, it appears to be the bulkiest project he or she has ever written. That’s why everything connected to this academic paper seems to be extra complicated and frightening.

As most students know, choosing a topic for any kind of academic projects, especially for dissertations, is a very important matter. If you choose a good topic, you will know no problems with your research. What is that good topic?

Good topics are quite informative, without being too wordy. Good topics are the ones that make you feel like speaking a lot about this subject. If you feel excited about the topic, you will have the necessary inspiration and enthusiasm that will help you choose the most relevant, the most interesting and catchy facts about the researched problem.

If you need a really inspiring dissertation topic on freedom, but you are not given a list of suggested ones, you can try searching on the Web. There are multiple resources dedicated to academic writing. With their help and with the help of their suggestions you can find whatever you need.

Below, you can find a list of inspiring topics dedicated to researching of the idea of freedom and its place in the history of the humanity.

  1. Do western and eastern people have the same preoccupation with the idea of freedom?
  2. The idea of slavery as an equivalent to the idea of domination of a nation or a race over another nation(s) or race(s).
  3. The beginning of slavery and factors that helped it exist through many centuries in the history of the humanity as a normal way of coexistence of two or more nations, races, etc.
  4. How did freedom become a value that is now appreciated around the world?
  5. The value of freedom of choice, freedom of speech and thought.
  6. What’s the idea of personal freedom of each person in different parts of the world?
  7. Are life and freedom the biggest values each person has by the right of birth?
  8. How does the modern idea of freedom affect the way the society lives and functions?
  9. Which are the basic freedoms each person has by the right of birth, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or race, physical or mental abilities? Ways and reasons why certain people abuse the value and the very idea of freedom, depriving other people of it or limiting other people’s free will, free choice and free existence.
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