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How To Come Up With Promising Dissertation Topics Without Effort

By the time a student reaches their dissertation, they should become a junior expert in the field of their writing. A student that has received an undergraduate degree in political science and a master’s in international affairs should be ready at this point in their educational career to hone the topic they have been passionate about in their field of study. The most promising dissertation topics for a student that can become effortless are:

  • From Experience
  • Interest
  • A Wake Up Call
  • Expansion
  • Professor’s Pick

From Experience

Everyone has experienced something in their lifetime that they wish to tell others about. The same can be said when it comes to dissertation writing. In the above example of the political science student, perhaps this experience is from when they immigrated to America from their war torn village in Africa or the Middle East. This allows the student’s dissertation to draw from personal experience while scanning the academic field for like minded books and journals to pull information from.


Sometimes the most effortless writing comes from something a student is highly interested in. Many students are interested in civil rights movements, the feminist movement and the rise of the social media age, for example. The more interested a student is in their given topic, the more effortless writing will be.

A Wake Up Call

Events happen in history that stir a wake up call in society, whether they be race related or for equal rights. If a student is passionate enough to help bring justice to whatever cause they are working for, they will be more than motivated enough to write their dissertation without question. The best writing often comes from the individuals motivated enough to tell the story. Although these topics may not always be the most happy of tales, such as genocide or child warfare, they are events that must be documented for historical purposes.


Many students have already written hundreds if not thousands of essays and papers by the time they have reached their dissertation. A student can always return to one of the topics they have already written about in the past and expand upon it. This allows a student to not have to put in nearly as much effort toward a fresh topic.

Professor’s Pick

If worse comes to worse a student can always pick a professor’s brain for what topic would work most effortlessly for them. Many instructors know their students and their capabilities. Therefore, a professor would be a great advocate for helping someone choose a better topic than they could come up with on their own.

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