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The Top 14 Most Interesting Dissertation Topics In Sociology

Academic departments and universities have a commitment to advancing the knowledge in a given field. This means that topics be considered for postgraduate dissertations cannot be frivolous. They have to be meaningful discussions of a problem backed by research, and solutions that can contribute to sociology as a discipline. Graduate students working on that terminal degree have to respect the importance of finding good topics on which to write. Fortunately for them, there are quite a few which can be considered. The following are some interesting dissertation topics that can be used for a sociology thesis.

  1. Are Baby Mamas Destroying the Women’s Rights Movement?
  2. The Social Media Helped Public Discourse or Destroyed It?
  3. Multiculturalism and Its Influence on Western Society.
  4. Alcoholism and High Risk Sexual Behavior among Gays.
  5. The Importance of Quiet in a High Stress Society.
  6. Foster Care and Its Effects on Adult Substance Abuse.
  7. Incidence of Domestic Abuse in Poor Suburbs.
  8. Sarcasm and Its Effect on Teenage Self-Esteem.
  9. Bullying among High School Sophomores. Those Groups Most Affected.
  10. Street Gangs and the Black Market Economy in the Inner-City.
  11. Social Media Is Contributing to Social Materialism.
  12. Do Sharia Courts Promote Justice or Male Domination?
  13. The Effect of Islam on the Self-Esteem of American Converts.
  14. Police Brutality Inflicted on Certain Asian Groups.

These are topics that can draw the attention of the academic advisors and committee for any dissertation. Something to keep in mind is that these are also points of inspiration. A graduate student can take a look at these and decide that a variation of the topic is what he or she wants to write about. Allowing the academic advisor to take a look at the choices a student has can form some other possibilities. Inherent in each of the listed topics is something that can advance the knowledge within sociology. It may just need to be further defined.

The student should take a critical look at these topics in relation to the project itself. Are there available articles research that can support what the student will be writing about? Can an effective literature review be done? There some of the technicalities of writing a dissertation that have to be remembered. The topic itself will not carry the project. While any of these are something worth writing about the student has to take a look at his or her resources and also see if there is enough value to the topic for discussion.

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