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Quick Tips For Writing A Dissertation Proposal On Domestic Violence

For securing a place in the postgraduate course, you need to submit a proposal detailing what topic you would like to conduct research on and for what reason. As domestic violence is a widespread social disease, choosing it as a topic for your dissertation proposal can help you win a ticket to the postgraduate class you are eyeing. Here’s how to write a dissertation proposal on domestic violence.

Write a good title

Writing a good title is an imperative as a title shows how well-informed you are on the chosen topic and what direction you have picked for conducting the research. The title should not reveal every aspect of the main content. However, if ought to reflect the focal point of your dissertation paper without ambiguity. For instance, you can choose a topic like “Religious Dogmas as the Possible Reasons of Domestic Violence in South-East Asia”.

Draft the first paragraph

Writing the first paragraph dictates the flow of the main content in many ways. First off, you can get a sneak preview of how to frame the rest and you can easily pick some direction from here only. The research you will have to do for writing the opening paragraph would dictate the flow of the remaining content in a big way. Be as specific as you can and avoid longer narratives. One major imperative for writing a dissertation proposal on domestic violence is to remain dispassionate while writing.

Frame a hypothesis

Writing a hypothesis is important for drafting a dissertation proposal, especially if your university requires you to give a hypothesis. To elaborate, you could try to establish the economic factors that you think are responsible for domestic violence in a particular geographic region. You could also point out child marriage as a possible reason for domestic violence in a specific region.

Writing the proposal

Your next few paragraphs need to contain the academic and historical perspectives of the writer that is you. You need to do deep research both online and offline to know the real facts and figures. This way, you can easily frame the rest of the dissertation proposal. However, the opening paragraph is critical as you all you have to do throughout the rest is to add flesh to the bones.

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