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What To Expect From The Dissertation Defense: 10 Basic Tips

During your study, you will have to work hard to prepare an excellent dissertation. However, for most of the students the most difficult part is the dissertation defense. You have to stand in front of a group of people, present your creation and answer to various questions related to the subject you analyzed. As scary as this might sound, the truth is that this moment is not by far as difficult as people think. Count on these tips to be successful:

  1. Prepare for this. Even if you made the proper research for your dissertation, you need to get your mind ready to ask direct questions. Repeat this with a friend for a few times, just to be sure that you are prepared.
  2. Sleep well before the defense. A good night sleep matters more than you think. If you are tired, you will lose your concentration very easily.
  3. Be relaxed. The professors are not there to make you fail; they are there to discuss about your paper. Don’t go in front of them tense and shaking, because they will assume you are not well prepared.
  4. Do some research. Find out who will ask you the questions, so you will know how to answer. If a lawyer is in the group, you can integrate some legal aspects in your answers and so on.
  5. Be honest. You might be tempted to give an answer that is accepted by everyone, but this will not bring you the maximum marks. You have to express your opinion in the most honest way possible.
  6. Say “I don’t know”. It can happen to be asked a question that is not related to your subject. Instead of struggling to find a good answer, simply say that you do not have good knowledge about that particular idea.
  7. Smile. Whenever one of them is asking a question or demanding an answer, smile. This will show them that you are prepared and ready to communicate.
  8. Write down some ideas that you want to explore. It might come in handy to have some papers ready if you are stuck or you feel that you forgot everything. This happens even to the best of the best.
  9. Mention your personal experience. If the topic is right, and you can mention something that happened to you, do it. This will show that you have an authentic perspective.
  10. Memorize some quotes related to the topic. Maybe something that a famous author said about the subject, or even a paragraph from your paper.
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