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Best Methods To Write A Dissertation Proposal On Journalism

A dissertation proposal basically answers questions like the theoretical background and the research methodology of your dissertation. Writing a journalism proposal should not be hard work. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, any journalism student is good to go. It offers advice on how to write a dissertation proposal and in a qualitative way.

Basically, a proposal has an introduction which presents an argument. It goes ahead and discusses further arguments all in the favor of the writer. It is important to note that a dissertation is different from a funding proposal. The article will guide you on the best way to write a journalism dissertation proposal.

Dissertation title

Avoid long and wordy titles. It should be simple, short and straight to the point. Ensure you title attracts attention and curiosity among the readers.

The overall objectives

The objectives should introduce your dissertation. It is not advisable to have more than three objectives as they may be too many. Your objectives should follow the “SMART” policy. This basically means they should be simple, measurable, attainable, and realistic and time bound.

Theoretical background

There is no word limit in this section. In this section, mention any primary ideas you may have and the main areas of study. Some dissertation proposal formats, some specific items like bibliography may be needed at the end.

Research details

This is the major section of the proposal. It focuses specifically on the main area of research. Magnification of the ideas and arguments of the proposal are widely discussed here. The research question is the main area of focus.


The methodologies section is divided into sections; the empirical and non-empirical. Non –empirical basically deals scholarly works that are not data related. The empirical section deals with data collection. This section is short. In the event that one decides to use bullet points in this section, they should be kept to a minimum.

Potential outcomes

This is where you list what outcomes you expect. It is important to note that the outcome do not have to be absolutely true. They should be hopeful.


A dissertation proposal may require you to have a timeline. The importance of a timeline is that it will help you manage your research time. Several tools and maps such as Gnatt chart can help you plan your time. Lastly, it should be realistic.


This section may not be necessary. However, it should be included if the formatting guidelines calls for it. Basically, it is the section that contains list of references and other any workers cited. You can go through this great resource for more ideas on writing dissertation proposals.

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