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Useful Suggestions For Picking Good Dissertation Topics In Architecture

Unlike Literature, Architecture is one of the subjects where there is no scope for absurdity. When you pursue the subject, you know your reasoning has to be acute; grounding exact and revelations streamlined.

Elements of architecture

Architecture covers everything from topography; gradient, angles, bases to create houses on; creating infrastructures which sustain and lend strength to the environment. Architecture has been defined and redefined by proponents of different styles through the centuries. It is this reason that we have had domes; minarets, skyscrapers and tree-houses. The logic is to make the most use of the ground conditions and climatic effects.

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Those who have to do architecture dissertation topics should first analyze the topic in its full rendition. You have to then think of streams you will flow the dissertation through. Yu should consult past compact term papers and professors to complete a powerhouse work.

Here are 10 architecture dissertation topics for your convenience –

  1. Explaining the similarities and differences of Gothic and Ionian architecture – The former has sharper edges while the latter is more classical. They have both enjoyed their time under the sun.
  2. Making the most of available topology – Good architects derive the maximum from extant topology, climate and gradient.
  3. Styles to create an illusion of space in constricted homes; beauty of architecture – Nature murals and vertical stripes are just two of the many ways architects create an illusion of space.
  4. A peek at Sydney’s passage through different styles of architecture in the last two centuries – Sydney’s transcendental architectural changes have gone alongside Australia’s rise and change in perception.
  5. Interspersing tradition and modernism in some unique structures of the world – Think of eminent structures which brilliantly fuse ethnicity and modernism. Assess the design styles.
  6. Elements of inspiration that Architects take from Nature – It is human nature to take inspiration from Nature and architects are also humans.
  7. A dissertation on skyscrapers and box houses – Both skyscrapers and box-houses are designs to inhabit more people in small spaces.
  8. A look at home designs in water-proficient Vienna and earthquake-riddled Japan – Evaluate how architects of Vienna and Japan go forward with their creations.
  9. Suggest an interesting prototype for a potential colony on the Moon – This would be a figment of imagination; so stretch your convolutions.
  10. Impact of weather and environment on the designing plans of an architect – Architect not only has to consider available labor and supplies; he also has to plan according to climatic variations of the place.
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