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How To Cite Sources In An Apa Format Dissertation

The American Psychological Association created a writing format that shows how to format a paper. It is one of the most popular format that are used in college programs. Teachers usually ask their students to use one of these types of formats to ensure that all of their students are using the same format. This makes the papers easier to grade for a few reasons. They can grade the paper on the content instead of how the paper is set up. They can also assign page numbers instead of word counts. If everyone is using the same font size and style, all of the students will have to do the same amount of work. Another reason is that they are sure to be able to easily read the paper because the spacing and font size and style make it easy to read.

There are a very specific way that the APA format requires that sources are cited. The majority of the work formatting your paper will be on citations. There are specific guidelines to follow. This should be a quick guide to show you the most common citation requirements. You will need to check the actual APA manual for sources that are less common.

  1. In text citations
  2. All of the in-text citations will have the same format. The format for the APA guideline for in-text citations is the Author followed by the date of publication in parenthesis after the quote. Here is an example:

    “Be sure to follow the proper formatting for in text citations” (Author, Date of Publication).

  3. Reference section
  4. APA formatted papers will have a section at the end of their papers for the list of references. The reference list is in a separate section after the paper and should not bleed into the body of the essay or the text. There are specific guidelines for citing different types of references for this section.

Book by a single author:

Author Last Name, First Name. (Publication Date). Title. Publication location: Publication Company.

Book by two authors:

Author Last Name, First Initial & Author Last Name, First Initial. (Publication Date). Title. Publication location: Publication Company.

Book by three or more authors:

Author Last Name, First Initial, Author Last Name, First Initial, & Author Last Name, First Initial. (Publication Date). Title. Publication location: Publication Company.

Book by a corporate author:

Corporate Author Name. (Publication Date). Title (edition). Publication location: Publication Company.

Article or chapter within an edited book:

Article Author Last Name, First Initial. (Publication Date). Article Name. In book Author last name, Author first initial, Book name (Edition, pp. #). Publication location: Publication Company.

There are plenty of other sources that you may need to cite, these are the most common ones. Be sure to refer to the actual manual to get help with other sources.

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