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How To Choose The Format For A Dissertation In Advanced Higher History

When writing a dissertation in advanced history, you will need to use a certain format. Some time, you may be asked to submit the work in a format such as APA, MLA or any other. If you are not given the forma to use for your work, you will need to go ahead and choose. So, which is the right forma tor your dissertation? There are certain formatting rules that apply when writing your dissertation. Here are some of them.


When it comes to writing a dissertation or thesis, there are certain uniform margins that should be used throughout the document. These include:

  • A margin of 1” on the left to ensure enough space for binding if necessary
  • A margin of 1” on the right
  • A bottom of 1” which provide space for numbering the pages
  • A top of 1”

The first page of every chapter including the introduction should be at 2” from the top of the page. The title page’s heading, abstract, acknowledgement/preface/dedication and page of content begins at 2” from top of the page.

Non-traditional format

The non-traditional dissertations or thesis like the whole work consisted of artistic, video, digital or performance materials can be accepted if they are approved by your graduate program or committee. A PDF document that has a copyright page, title page and at least an abstract should be submitted with the relevant files.

Font size and type

For texts that are clear and legible, you should always go with the TrueType font. Ensure that your fonts are in sizes of 10, 11 or 12. Subscripts and superscripts such as footnotes, formulas and endnotes should not be smaller by more than 2’’ as compared to the font sizes that are used for the body of text.

Spacing & Indentation

There are several rules that you should follow when spacing and indenting your dissertation or thesis. These include:

  • Text should appear in one column in every page. These should be double-spaced throughout the document. Avoid arranging texts in multiple columns
  • You should use a consistent tab indentation throughout your entire document
  • The text of your document should be left-justified and not right-justified or centered.
  • Where you have blocked quotations, you should entire the whole text of the quotation in a consistent manner from left margin.
  • Avoid leaving the margins hanging alone or at the bottom of a prior page. You should move up the text that follows or you should move down the heading.

Use these guidelines for your dissertation in advanced higher history.

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