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How to Find a Thesis Writing Service I Could Trust: Tips for the Concerned

Your dissertation is the crown of your university studies, so you definitely want it to be as good as possible. Many students go through a struggle between two feelings – a wish to entrust their thesis writing to a pro, and a concern about running into a false dissertation expert or a scammer. Here are few tips that can help you resolve this debate and choose a trustworthy writing service.

  • Find out whom the website belongs to.
  • A credible dissertation writing website should belong to a company that is officially registered in your country, not an overseas offshore. “.uk” or “.us” in the address is not an indicator of location – anyone can buy such domains from any corner of the globe. Use special free online tools to identify the domain’s true owner. It should be the same company that is stated on the website.

  • Check the company’s information.
  • If a dissertation writing service claims to be legally operating, you do not have to take their word for it. Check the company’s name and number on the official website of a respective state registrar. If your search yields nothing, this service may be a scammer.

  • Test the customer support.
  • A good thesis writing service must have customer support available 24/7. You should be able to order an urgent revision to your paper at any time. Most dissertation services claim to offer exactly this kind of support. To find out whether it is true, call them in the dead of night or at multiple times a day.

  • Check your customer guarantees.
  • A website that does not even promise 100% original work, unlimited free revisions, and money return is definitely not the one to be trusted.

  • Pay attention to details.
  • “Devil in details” – this saying is especially true for dissertation scammers. You probably have seen thesis help websites with texts that seem to have been written by an ESL or compiled by a robot, with clumsy design or terrible interface. No respectable writing service will have any of these features. They have enough money to invest in a beautiful top-notch website as it is the “face” of their business.

  • Have a chat with your writer.
  • A reputable dissertation help website will allow you both the choice of your writer and direct communication with him or her. Use this opportunity to make sure that the writer is a native English speaker and an expert in your dissertation field. Ask several questions from your course material to see whether the writer’s knowledge is deep enough.

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