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What Is A Dissertation Prospectus And How To Write One Quickly?

The dissertation prospectus is basically the first stage in your graduate project working towards a master’s or doctor’s degree in a number of disciplines. It’s also commonly referred to as a dissertation proposal that must first be approved by your graduate advisor before you get started on your project. The length is only about a page or two but it still poses some difficulties for a number of students. Here’s how to write a great prospectus quickly:

  1. Gather all of your preliminary resources
  2. Start by making a list of the preliminary resources you will use to get you started with research. Now you don’t have to read to deeply but make sure you can identify the resources you will certainly use in your work. This list will bibliography will appear in your prospectus and is needed by your advisor so that he or she can make recommendations for your work.

  3. Check all requirements and guidelines
  4. Each department and discipline might have its own set of requirements and guidelines you must follow. It’s a good idea to find these out immediately. Additionally, speak with your advisor to find out if he or she has any specific requirements or preferences you should abide by before you get started.

  5. Estimate the amount of time you need
  6. You need to submit your prospectus early in the semester so that you can spend the rest of the semester doing the hard research for your graduate project. This being said, you should speak with your advisor and agree on a hard deadline for approval. Usually, this can be anywhere between one to two weeks. It’s for your own good that you set a specific date so that you can break down the document into several tasks.

  7. Break down your prospectus in sections
  8. A dissertation prospectus has several different sections that need to each be addressed. These sections correspond to the sections of the larger project and can include research methods, discussion, bibliography, etc. If you break down each section you should have no trouble writing a paragraph for each and then structure your prospectus to mirror what will be the final project.

  9. Answer key questions about your project
  10. This may seem a little daunting at first, but an important part of getting approved for your project simply involves you answering question about why you want to undertake said project in the first place. Why does it interest you? What does it do to further academic study in the area? These are the types of things you should be able to answer in order to earn approval.

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