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A List Of 20th Century History Dissertation Ideas

Reaching the end of your education career means it’s time for one final project the dissertation and when your degree is in a history related topic you may need to select a topic for this project. Here is a list of potential ideas that you can use.

  1. Discuss the invention of the automobile and how it revolutionized travel throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

  2. Review the development of the first computers and how the technology became popular with the everyday person.

  3. Look at the evolution of communication in third world countries and how they skipped the physical phone lines and embraced wireless communication.

  4. Review the true implications of using nuclear bombs on a country and show how the land and people eventually healed from the impact.

  5. Look at the evolution of women’s rights worldwide and how they are tied to the technological advances in the countries where the people are.

  6. Show how the Olympic sports movement has drawn people together worldwide and not only fostered competitiveness but also created a worldwide arena for political expression.

  7. Discuss the rise and fall of the Berlin wall within the country of Germany after World War II.

  8. Discuss and compare the two World Wars and how they influenced both politics and technology worldwide.

  9. Show the evolution of the internet and how it brought the world together yet introduced a whole new arena of crime.

  10. Look at the development of religious freedom has evolved worldwide and how some countries embrace religious freedom and some try to block the idea.

  11. Discuss how the separation of North and South Korea has influenced politics in the region.

  12. Look at the evolution of the British monarchy and how they have evolved through the ages.

  13. Look at the evolution of hate crimes throughout the world and how political bias has influenced a new generation of expressionism.

  14. Show how art has evolved with technology throughout the 20th century and how people continue to find new ways to express their ideas.

  15. Show how manufacturing has developed and evolved throughout the world and the transition of menial labor from first world to third world countries in the assembly process.

  16. Show how warfare has advanced from the turn of the century and helped to reduce the number of lives lost.
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