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tips for writing a PhD paper faster


With the right strategies, your doctoral papers could be completed within much less time. Factors like procrastination and burn-outs are often major contributors to slowing down the process of writing assignments, especially during the long, hard journey of the doctoral year. Here is some motivation to get the mind back to where it should be so that your dissertations, research papers, and essays are handed in on schedule.

Working smart instead of hard

This phrase has done its rounds and refers to thinking about your work as opposed to mindlessly diving into it. Before you start your doctoral assignment, plan ahead. Do an outline, a rough draft, and even get yourself a good template to work from. This will minimize your effort later on when you start getting fed up with all the sacrifice.

Keep to a schedule


If you’re going to do the smart thing and keep a roster of your work, then stick to it! Factor in the breaks, interruptions, and social events that’ll keep you sane during the process. Also remember to prioritize the writing and researching tasks. Once they’re broken up into manageable sections, do the hard parts first and leave the easy parts for later.

focus on your work


Should you find yourself in the impossible position of not being able to focus on your work for an extended period of time, do some relaxed research.

  • Videos on your topic will inspire you to think up new ideas, and you can relax while watching them.
  • Source a few slideshows on the internet and watch them too.
  • If you’re more of a reader, then grab a great book pertaining to your subject and let your mind travel at its own pace.

Forcing yourself to study when you simply can’t, will just result in you resenting your topic and probably your teacher too.

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